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About us

Since our establishment in May 2000 as a legal entity, we, the owners of SALT Group, and after 10 years of experience as freelancers, started providing localization service to Major international clients (Up Till now 2014) This is what led us to adopt our coined famous slogan since 2004:

It's All About Trust And Reliability

Our Values

We care deeply about how we deliver culture to the world.

At SALT Group, we believe that an organization's success is linked intrinsically to the values it holds. Our day to day operation is committed not only to our own progress but forcing a paradigm shift in our commercial environment. This means working according to the highest ethics and standards and trying to spread that culture across Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Actually, we are trying hard to raise this cultural concept as a slogan that characterizes Trustable and Reliable Language Service Providers all over the Globe. For, sure it's impact will reach clients, vendors and localization service seekers, either organizations or individuals.
Our story
We've done GOOD things in the past. Now, we are doing GREAT things for the future.

Starting our line curve in learning and practicing working with MT and PE.


Acquiring EN 15038 Linguistic Auditor Certificate.


Adopting Client Oriented Quality concept.

2008 April EN 15038 CERTIFICATE

Acquiring EN 15038 Certificate.


Participating in Seattle Localization World Fall Conference.

2004 September FULL MANAGEMENT

Full management control over Client, vendor, and project databases.

2002 February SWITCHING TO MLV

Switching from being an SLV (Single Language Vendor) to MLV (Multi-Language Vendor).


Established SALT Group under the name "Systems Arabic Localization Technology – S.A.L.T". Began to contact large Localization Providers and providing samples of our translation. We are proud that those large companies are still categorized as our preferred clients ever since. This is the first flash of adopting the concept of It's All About Trust And Reliability.

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News & Events

From 3 to 10 May 2014

SALT Group is participating in Localization World Dublin 4-6 June 2014 conference as an Exhibitor Booth No. 02. SALT Delegation this year includes Dr. Samy Shalaby (CEO), Ms Nermein Abdel Wahed (General Manager) and Ms. Dalia Fouad (Senior Translator). We aim at making as much meetings as possible with top colleagues in the same industry which we hope to yield more business relationships to our organization. Are you going to Dublin too? Send your contact details to set a meeting during the conference event to either or

SALT Group Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

It is a happy occasion to celebrate SALT Group 14 Birthday at the same time while we are celebrating our new Web Site and New Logo which formed a shock to our traditional concept about Marketing and Global presence. At the same time, we are celebrating our attendance of the Localization world Conference at Dublin 4-6 June 2014. Much news will follow up regarding our celebration this year.


It is not how many Services we offer, it’s how far client satisfaction is met through these Services We Provide
At SALT, we believe that the best way to sell your product is to make it available in as many markets across the world as possible. We use the gift of language to break through geographical constraints and make your product accessible to the widest range of clients.
Localization is the way a product or service is adapted to meet the requirements of a specific language or culture. Translation is one component of the localization process but many factors must be taken in to consideration to fully localize a product.
Quality Assurance (QA)
QA is the cornerstone of any successful localization effort. Its importance cannot be understated for all those involved, from the client and the localizing partner to the consumer of the product.
Desktop Publishing (DTP)
QA is the cornerstone of any successful localization effort. Its importance cannot be understated for all those involved, from the client and the localizing partner to the consumer of the product.
Localization involves the adaptation of a product to conform to the linguistic, cultural, political and legal demands of a foreign market. While the essence of the product or service remains the same, the process sometimes requires changes to the settings or programming of a product.
A Voice-Over involves laying down an audio track featuring translated dialogue in one language over audio and sometimes video in the source language. The original dialogue is often preserved in the background but is usually inaudible.
Transcreation is an important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy in a foreign market. It is important that an organisation is able to speak to its customers in a language they understand and are comfortable with.
Facts about SALT
  • Founded on May 2000, but experience extends back till 1997
  • 5 members of our team hold OPE (One Person Enterprise) EN15038 Certificate
  • 2 members of our team are EN15038 Auditors
  • Key current clients started relying on SALT services since 2000
  • 35 Translators backed with 6 Reviewers supported by 10+ Consultants according to the subject matter in hand
  • 5 Top Notch project managers, 2 Linguistic
  • Initiating a pioneer activity through which SALT transfers its accumulate field experience to the new generation targeting to work as translators. This activity is introduced via SALT Authored Training course called "SALT Professional Translation Licence – SPTL
Why SALT Group
This is our slogan and our Belief in customer service.
SALT Group covers the Globe and All Time Zones. Whether you are from US, Europe or Far East, we are there for you.
Being a European Standards EN 15038 certified is a guarantee that your product will be of unique quality.
Our employees' knowledge and expertise is vital in helping companies expand into new markets and establish a global presence.
A League of consultants in different specializations are available to provide 24/7 consulting service whenever there is a running project in each specialization.


We cover a wide range of industries.

Software Localization

Software localization is one of the most important and widespread fields of localization industry as it is engaged in cultures's every day living, every country, every industry and every IT component structure.

Websites Localization

Websites are one of the most important ways in which a company can convey their professionalism and product range to their target audience.

Mobile Localization

In the past two decades, mobile phones have gone from a luxury only a few could afford to a necessity few people could live with out.

Marketing Translation

Successful marketing campaigns have the power to changes a business's fortunes and become thoroughly embedded in to the cultural fabric of a society.

Legal Translation

SALT provides a quick, accurate and professional Legal translation among its numeral localisation services. We handle all kinds of legal documentation including contracts, court summaries, briefs and case summaries.

Life Sciences Translation

There are few industries in which the need for accurate localization services is more pressing than in the Life Sciences. The products that fall under this category are as varied as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Appliances and health products.


Usually, SALT opens job opportunities according to its strategy for calling special professional talents to join its team. Occasionally, SALT opens job opportunities according to the current special needs. In order to ensure successful processing of your application to join SALT Team in any field, any Language, you have to meet the following general basic qualifications:
  • Relevant High Univ. Degree to the specialization you are applying for (B.Sc., B.A., M.Sc., MBA)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the field – Accepts to do a quick test with 80% score pass.
  • Acquiring excellent master of both English Lang. and your Native (Target) Language - Accepts to do a Quick test with 80% score pass.
  • Acquiring excellent Skills in using the computer and its accessories (Printers, scanners, network router, external memories and storage devices, etc.).
  • Acquiring excellent Software user skills (Windows, MSOffice, CAT Tools, etc.)
  • Acquiring a minimum knowledge about QA procedures.
  • Good command in writing emails and reporting sheets.
If you find your qualifications meet the above requirements, please, send us your most recent CV by clicking HERE. Don't forget to mention your full contact means (email, mobile No., street address). It is recommended to supplement your application with details about previous experience documents, Courses received and any gained awards.


Whether you are from US, Europe or Far East, we are there for you.

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